Harnessing the power of social media will give your PR campaigns a boost. Tweeters, in particular, are very enthusiastic about sharing information from launches and events to news, blogs and tips.

Writing your press release and headline with ‘tweetability’ in mind will directly affect the number of retweets and tweets of your release and the level of engagement on the subject yTweetable headlinesou’re promoting.

If written correctly and you use a distribution service to send out your news, you will see lots of tweets that use your headline. This is a great way to drive traffic to your site and views of your release.  Getting your release shared online is the aim and the winning formula is in the headline words.

4 top tips for a ‘tweetable’ Press Release headline:

  1. Include the company or product name at the start so it doesn’t get cut off
  2. Keep it short so it fits into a tweet but also includes a link & photo
  3. Include relevant keywords to make it searchable
  4. Ensure it’s punchy to generate retweets based on the headline alone

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