rose tinted PRWe’re going from strength to strength… winning new business, delivering incredible results and expanding our team of Roses to drive further business success. Here are our top 5 reasons for working with the blossoming Roses…

1.       We’re ambitious climbers

We’re always looking for that unique creative breakthrough – something that will set our client apart from their competitors.   From PR and marketing to social media and design, our multi-discipline approach gives us a buzz, and with a mug of hot chocolate to hand, there really is no stopping us.

2.       No thorns here

We’re a down-to-earth friendly bunch here at Rosy HQ. We work hard, we certainly get brilliant results for our clients but we’re fun too.  And nice.  No stressed out PR queens here, oh no. We even finish at 4 o’clock on a Friday, what more can we say!

3.       Rosy tinted style

Creative types working in PR we might be but all that fluffy stuff isn’t really our thing – for us, it’s all about producing credible campaigns that achieve tangible results, delivering straight to the client’s bottom line. We’re obviously doing something right – our client Tower Bridge saw an amazing 600% increase in print coverage last year alone contributing to a 20% increase in income, thanks to our targeted approach.

4.       We don’t always work in straight lines

We understand that PR has changed.  The internet has completely transformed the way we communicate and we Roses have fully embraced the digital era – in fact, helping our clients develop a defined social media presence is one of our leading USPs now.

5.       We’re blooming!

Lastly, if you’re thinking of a career move, it’s simply a great time to jump on board here at the Rosy office. We’re winning new business, our client campaigns are dynamic and we’re way out in front when it comes to integrating traditional PR with the exciting world of digital media. In short, our team is going from strength to strength. Come and join us!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I’m an experienced journalist with a PR background and understand how the two sides work. If you would like to discuss how Aneela and her team can help your business, please make contact. Our website is