Does Social Media make you go white as a sheet?  We share with you our top tips to help you break the ice on real time marketing.

If you’re snowed under with work but need instant impact for your clients – Social Media is the tool for the job. We live in a world where news breaks24201480_s every second, citizen journalism is on the rise and everyone is their own publicist offering minute by minute sound bites on Twitter and Facebook as a window to their lives.

The majority of the world’s population is now plugged into one device or another and we are almost all mass consumers of communication overload.  So how do we make our message stand out from the snow storm?

  • Content – is king, the right message at the right time, relevant and of interest to your target audience with fresh content to draw people back, time and time again;
  • Consistency – of tone and action across all platforms to maintain the brand essence;
  • Continuous – engagement and interaction with media, influencers and customers.

Take our client Tracmaster:  A Leading UK manufacturer & distributor of year-round groundcare & landscape machinery based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. Tracmaster’s range of Snow Clearing Equipment is hot for winter, but as snow is not an everyday occurrence Social Media allows us to spread the snow message on the button, real time.  In fact at ARPR for the first time ever, we have prioritised Social Media over Traditional PR as a way to engage and inspire our target audience.

However, it’s still critical to invest in forward planning to ensure that when the time does come you can hit the floor running and take advantage of the moment.  So how do we spread our online snow message for Tracmaster?

Website/ Website News / Website Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Youtube

All online platforms work in unison and deliver the message at all stages of the game, the website outlines the main benefits with the News and Blog keeping it fresh and timely, while Facebook and Twitter focus on sound bites and snow news in real time and real situations. Youtube shows the machinery in action and Pinterest offers a pictorial view when image is in the frame.  We keep an eye on #uksnow so we know when to don our smart gloves and tweet on the move; and with this in mind the Tracmaster team are ready to roll out their Snow Clearing Equipment at the first sign of snow for a totally topical photocall designed to white out on all Social Media and hit our Target Media right on time – like a well-aimed snowball!