Aneela Rose - Social Media Services in UKFor businesses, getting to grips with social media is pretty essential these days.  It allows you to connect directly with customers, improve customer service, forge new relationships and even boost sales.  It’s cheap too. What’s not to like?  Sure enough, more and more companies have steadily woken up to the value of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn et al  – the latest research from McKinsey shows that around 7 in ten firms now use some form of social media to enhance their brand (of these, 90 per cent say they’re getting some kind of business benefit from it).  

But there’s more to social than just setting up a Twitter account or getting customers to ‘like’ you on FB.  Whatever your reason for using social media – promoting your product, say, or reaching key contacts or enhancing your reputation – you do need a strategy.  While it’s true that anyone can set up a LinkedIn account, it’s what you do with it, what you say and how you control the conversation that’s important. 

Just using Twitter or Facebook to issue company news statements, for instance, has been likened to going out to dinner with someone who talks about themselves all night – it’s boring, and after a while, people switch off.  Social media is all about reaching out, interacting and having conversations, but getting that right, in your particular brand tone of voice, can take time.  Likewise, there’s no point blogging a few times a year, you’ve got to keep things fresh, interesting and relevant otherwise you risk doing more harm than good. 

Many firms of course, simply don’t have the time, resources or expertise to do all of this effectively.   And that’s where we come in. Here at ARPR, social has become a crucial part of our PR mix – we’re so serious about it, we’re currently expanding our in-house social team to drive things forward for our clients – and we understand that things are moving fast.  It’s estimated that there are already 1.5bn people actively using social networks worldwide, and businesses who ignore this are simply missing out on vast and exciting opportunities. Social media is here to stay, and grow.

Want to know more?  Give me or one of the Roses a call on 01444 241341 to discuss what social media can do for your business.

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