It’s that grand opening, or the big announcement of your latest product & your PR team have got some of the hottest industry professionals, national press, and high profile investors to attend. The champagne has been poured, and you have a sudden realisation that you have no idea how to act in this situation. People are looking over you expectantly, and it’s time to wow your audience. Here are some top tips for working the room and getting everyone on board with your latest business venture:

  • Working the room, paying guests full attention and being excited will ensure a positive vibe at your event.

    Working the room, paying guests full attention and being excited will ensure a positive vibe at your event.

    Do speak confidently to journalists. If your PR company is not with you at the time, ask the journalists’ name and publication or get their business card and pass on to the PR department to follow up;

  • Do speak positively and be engaging and responsive with guests – all part of the brand image that people will remember and talk about;
  • Do work the room! Speak to as many people as possible as every guest is a potential brand ambassador;
  • Do be prepared to talk about non-work related activity, people will be interested to know more about you personally;
  • Do give your guest your full attention, don’t be distracted looking over their shoulder.
  • Do be excited, this is a great moment for you and your business, and remember smiling is contagious!


  • Do not feel obliged to answer questions you are uncomfortable with; refer to your PR team or simply say you’re unable to answer at this time;
  • Do not assume that everyone you speak to knows the brand and what it stands for, take the opportunity to educate and promote the brand;
  • Do not talk to the same people all night; a tip here is to introduce them to someone else or tell them how nice it’s been to meet them and hope they enjoy the rest of the event while you get a drink!
  • Do not get too drunk though, know your limits so you can still speak clearly and be in control of the situation, when the champagne is flowing it can be easy to forget this!


With this in mind the event should be a huge success, and you’ll have the world amazed by your social skills in no time!