How to think creativelyWorking in PR, especially consumer PR, requires constant ideas and content generation in order to set your ideas apart from tough competition and fast changing markets. One seminar from November’s Content Marketing Show in Brighton that was of particular interest was the journey we take to developing a good idea, the creative process. Hosted by a leading marketing agency, this workshop focussed on four of the key systematic stages there are to the creative process:

1.      Saturation

Get to know the customer, the product and the competition. Extend the search laterally through use of mind maps and push for those ideas however connected or disconnected they appear.


2.      Incubation

Actively disengage from the topic in question. Have a beer, go to the gym. Try and step away from the issue allowing your subconscious mind to do the work.


3.      Illumination

A slight inkling or a full blow epiphany, this is the moment of illumination when you begin to see the solution.


4.      Verification

Does it stick? This is your chance to test it on a fresh pair of eyes and see if there is anything more that can be done.


Breaking it down into these four segments can be a brilliant guide and basis to formulating a winning campaign idea in an organised and (hopefully) non stressful way. Need help with creative ideas? Get in contact with Aneela Rose PR today!