What exactly is an integrated marketing campaign and how can it improve my business?   Now that’s a very good question and here at Aneela Rose PR we are all for devising and implementing creative campaigns to get your brand recognised by all the right people, in all the right places!

The main aim of an integrated marketing campaign is to convey a consistent key message to a target audience, which can be delivered across multiple media channels in order to build strong brand awareness and, ultimately , provide the desired results.

Whilst there is no guaranteed formula for creating successful integrated marketing campaigns, these top tips will help to make sure yours come out smelling of roses:

Work backwards: you are only going to truly know how to get somewhere if you know where you are going first!  This means you should primarily be thinking about what you want your end result to be and planning the route in reverse.  A successful integrated marketing campaign focuses on achieving desired results.  Whether this is increased footfall, higher volume of sales or greater brand awareness these all predominantly hinge on understanding your target audience.

Channel that media:  pinpoint and plan the correct media platforms and outlets required to ensure your message reaches the desired target audience.  Fully integrated marketing campaigns will bring together both traditional and non-traditional marketing methods using each one to reinforce the other.  Work strategically to ensure your message is infiltrated in to minds in a clear and cohesive way.

Be consistent: integrated marketing campaigns are more than just a big idea.  They are about delivering consistent key messaging in order to captivate, engage and retain target audiences.  It’s all very well being clever or quirky, but if a campaign’s messaging isn’t clear and consistent across all media channels it is unlikely to filter through effectively, or be memorable to those that matter the most.

Be realistic: be creative but also ensure that your marketing campaign can be accomplished within the timescale and budget available.  If you can’t see your campaign through to the end then it isn’t worth starting.

Track results: it’s no good going to the trouble of creating a fabulous marketing campaign if you are unable to measure the outcome.  Think about the data you need and how this can be captured.  Redeemable coupons, surveys and feedback forms all work well.

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