By Aneela Rose

We all have guilty pleasures.  Something that we enjoy, but feel a little guilty, or embarrassed about sharing.  Just for you, here’s my top 10 list.

1. Listening to a guy with an Irish or Australian accent talk

I don’t get to experience this very often but how pleasurable is this when it does happen?!


2. Driving really, really fast

When I’m on my own, favourite track blaring out, off I go. The speed is a total adrenaline rush especially when test driving a car I’m lusting over.


3. Trashy magazines

PR guilty pleasures

I could say it’s market research! I could say I need to keep up with the competition. But really, it’s nice to leave the real world behind for a moment, check out the latest gossip and ogle at those gorgeous clothes!


4. Staying in a really expensive hotel

hotel PR, hospitality PR

There are times when a hotel is just a crash pad away from home. There are other times when it’s a reward for a job well done and it’s my chance to be waited on and pampered. We all need pampering now and again.


5. Cake or cold pizza for breakfast

Sometimes two Shredded Wheat simply doesn’t cut it. Why break your fast on something that your hamster would enjoy. Eat later. Call it Elevenses!


6. Wishing I was a badass secret agent

Packing heat under a glamorous evening gown but also looking so hot in a bikini whilst doing ninja moves would get 007’s attention.


7. Going to the spa alone

Public relations relax

I spend a lot of time talking (yes, really!) and sometimes it just wears me out. I like to take some “me” time, relax, take a swim and get pampered.  Did I mention I like being pampered?


8. Playing my favourites songs over and over again

It may drive those around me crazy, but there are times when that ONE song just sums up the moment, and you have to just play it over and over again.  Who says 10 times is too many?


9. Pen fetish

pr writing copy

I heard that fountain pens are becoming more popular again. That’s a good thing.  We spend too long typing on computers (like now!) and less time enjoying the sensation of ink against paper.  Yes, I lurve pens; so don’t try and steal mine!


10. Singing opera as loudly as I can when I’m vacuuming

It’s the only way to make vacuuming enjoyable. You mean to say you don’t do it as well? Shame on you!