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How do the Roses do it so successfully?

Well, ‘joined-up thinking’ might sound a bit like one of those overused catch phrases used by annoying creative types, but these days in PR and communications,  it’s actually pretty vital that our thinking is ‘joined up’, so we can link all the different strands of a PR campaign and use all the communication channels available.

More and more, of course, these channels aren’t just print and broadcast, we’re talking digital and social media too – something we Roses are pretty good at, in fact.

Here at ARPR, social media isn’t just something you tag on to the end of a campaign to tick a box.  And we also know it takes a lot more than sending out a few Tweets to get your message across effectively.

Take one of our recent campaigns, for example, promoting the launch of a high profile art exhibition.   Social media has played a huge part in our media coverage, from highly targeted networking with bloggers to tweeting about a particular artist’s work to get the word out.  PR is moving so fast nowadays you can’t afford to merely send out a press release and hope it gets picked up, but joining all the dots takes time and effort.  There’s a lot to think about, so the Rosy office has come up with some tips:

  • Know your platforms and audiences.  Using Facebook to promote a new energy drink is one thing, but for reaching older audiences, it’s probably not so fruitful.
  • Different channels require different thinking.  Even different language sometimes.  We’ll talk differently on Twitter to a trade press release, for example.
  • Respond quickly.  And remember, lead times for bloggers and tweeters are often non-existent!
  • Be targeted.  A scatter-gun approach not only annoys journalists, it wastes time.
  • Teamwork.  On a mufti-platform campaign, you’ve got to keep everyone in the office informed.  But hey, we work in communications, so talking to each other shouldn’t be that hard!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I’m an experienced journalist with a PR background and understand how the two sides work. If you would like to discuss how Aneela and her team can help your business, please make contact. Our website is