‘…that’s great it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes and aeroplanes’ or rather in this case it started with the proliferation of the internet and personal computers.

In recent years, Public Relations has evolved. Long gone are the traditional methods of PR professionals sending out press kits, nowadays PR practitioners must have digital and online experience, be it versed in emailing press releases or being au fait with subtlety of social media.

In the old days PR would be defined by a ‘hack’, a man with a trilby, a cigarette poking out of the corner of his mouth and the ability to connect with a company’s audience through news stories in the press, via press conferences and direct mail.

How has Public Relations evolved?

But with the evolution of the internet in the last decade, and in even more recent times the explosion of social media, the traditional reporter has made way for a new breed – the all-singing all-dancing blogger.

Five ways PR has changed with the digital landscape.

PR is Instantaneous.
Do you have a news story? Long gone are the days when you have to post a press release and then wait for the newspaper to be printed. Nowadays you can alert journalists straight away and get coverage online immediately.

PR Reporting is Easier.
With online tools such as Google Alerts and the ability to track website traffic, and where it came from, enables PR professionals to measure results accurately.

Befriend the Bloggers.
A decade ago no-one knew what a blogger what. It’s a testament to the world we live in that an individual behind a computer in a darkened room can elevate themselves to cult status and affect the perception or buying decisions of an audience. A clever PR practitioner will connect with relevant and influential bloggers. A good write up or review online is worth its weight in SEO gold.

Online Reach.
Facebook has over 1 billion users, Twitter has 200 million active users and Pinterest accounts for 40% of all social media purchases. If we compare that to a popular evening news broadcast of around 1 million viewers, it’s easy to see the power of Social Media.

PR is More Interactive.
Press releases can be more than just text. With the technology available you can include videos, photos and links.

Multi-disciplinary Approach

This means when we look to hire a PR Manager, we not only seek great content creators but we look for professionals who have experience in various disciplines from social media management to good analytical skills.

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Ps. If you’re wondering where the title came from then watch the video below to the wonderful song ‘It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)’ by R.E.M.

The stream of consciousness lyric fits perfectly with the digital world we find ourselves in, where the online noise of social media means you have to deliver quality content to stand out from the crowd. But that’s another blog for another time.