Tangled pencilsOK, so over the past few weeks I’ve been doing some interesting hat swapping here at Aneela Rose PR, making the leap from home based freelance journalism to working in the real world (with other people – gulp) in Aneela’s sunny Sussex office, helping out on some busy B2B & B2C projects.

And it’s all going well so far, I think, at least once I’d mastered the art of talking coherently first thing in the morning and trying to keep a handle on my escalating caffeine addiction (when you’re at home you just don’t notice the cups piling up).  But it’s not just my personal habits getting a shakeup.  As someone who started out in PR before switching to magazine journalism, it’s been interesting getting back into the PR world and seeing how journalists perform from the other side of the fence.

In particular, I’ve found out just how darned difficult it is to actually speak to journos these days. Call me old fashioned, but doesn’t anyone pick up the phone anymore?  Now I realize that today’s journalists are more time-pressed than ever but these last few weeks have made me realize just how creative PRs need to be to be heard, let alone secure worthwhile coverage for a client. 

Here at ARPR, media lists are rigorously checked for each project and the whole team is hot on Twitter and Pinterest, often winning over previously elusive journalists through the wizardry of social media.  It’s certainly not enough to blindly send out press releases – however well written or beautifully presented.  Unless your story is newsworthy, the angle is spot on and the message accurately targeted to that particular readership, you might as well be waving in the dark. 

While it’s tough getting any kind of talk time with the glossier end of the consumer market, we also work a lot with trade magazines and thankfully, they’re a different beast.  They might lack the so-called glamour of their consumer cousins but they’re often the ones creating the news (at college, we were taught that all good hacks, especially those on the nationals, scour the trades for interesting news stories).  And as someone who’s written for an awful lot of B2B magazines in my time, trade writers are often my point of call if I’m looking for a steer on a story.  After all, they’re usually experts in their field, they know their readership backwards and on a wet Tuesday afternoon, they’re often happy to talk to a curious PR about their specialist subject! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I’m an experienced journalist with a PR background and understand how the two sides work. If you would like to discuss how Aneela and her team can help your business, please make contact. Our website is https://www.aneelarosepr.co.uk

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