Your boss should always be approachable. They should want to hear your opinion on certain topics. They want to know your strengths so they can apply them fully and give you challenges that will make you grow.

But there are things you should never say to your boss.  Here’s just a few that I’d like to share with you.

What would you do without me?

There’s always someone who can do your job. Never forget that. OK, maybe you’re fantastic at something, but what about those other things that you’re not so great at?  Don’t give your boss the opportunity to speculate what it would be like without you. They may actually give you the answer!

What’s the big deal?

If the boss is making a big deal of something, accept it.  They’re the boss for a reason. It’s their neck on the line. They’re taking the responsibility, not you. Yes, all that is true, but it’s deeper than that.  If it’s a big deal for your boss it’s because it’s part of their key values.  It’s part of their DNA. Maybe they’ve had an experience in which it was a HUGE deal!  Maybe it made all the difference.  So, if it is a big deal, accept it.  Learn from it.

That’s not my problem

If it’s a problem, it needs to get resolved.  You are there to fix problems aren’t you?  That’s what you said on your CV!  It’s pointless arguing who’s problem it is, when it all hits the fan.  Besides, if it wasn’t your problem, but you still fixed it, what’s the boss going to think of you afterwards?

I’m not paid enough for this

Most people would like to earn more money, that’s for sure.  But it’s not all about money, it’s about doing what’s best right now, for the business.  Money may be tight, and workload may be high, but hard work will be rewarded.  Have a conversation about pay at review time.


Most people perceive silence as acceptance.  Bosses are no different.  If you’ve got something to say then you should say it.  Just think about the way in which you say it.  Don’t talk about problems without offering solutions.  Even if it’s a solution the boss doesn’t like, at least they’ll know you’ve tried to do something constructive.  Never leave an urgent issue for later. If it’s three months since “that thing” that drove you crazy, the boss has probably forgotten about it. You were silent at the time, remember?  That was acceptance.   Pick your moment. Be respectful. Be constructive. Don’t be silent.

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