“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR.”
Bill Gates.

There isn’t an organisation or business in existence that wouldn’t benefit from some form of PR. At Aneela Rose PR, we believe in tailoring PR strategies to suit each of our client’s objectives.

Here are five instances when your business requires a PR strategy.


  1. The competition is getting media coverage and you are not:

It’s time to start thinking about your organisation from all angles, and not just the internal ones. Analyse what media outlets the competition is securing coverage within and ask yourselves what news does your organisation have that works for them too? Being invisible to the media allows the competition to soar ahead, whether it is online or in printed publications.

  1. Mergers and acquisitions:

Recently Pure Gym, the UK’s leading no-frills gym operator purchased rival workout chain, LA fitness, for a sum of £60m-£80m. This is BIG news and subsequently it has made BIG headlines. The free publicity that Pure Gym will gain will be substantial and ongoing for some time. With the right communication channels in order, mass coverage can be achieved as the story is newsworthy to consumers and other industry players.

  1. Expert opinion:

Journalists are frequently looking for comment from ‘industry experts’. This works particularly well in B2B industries and is something we achieve regularly for our clients.

An example of this was the media coverage we achieved for our client, The Zehnder Group UK, whereby we offered the journalist expert insight from a Technical Advisor’s perspective on the Passive House movement which was later used as part of a feature within H&V News – the leading industry magazine.

  1. Setting the record straight:

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but that is not always true. In the world of social media, anything is possible, and reputations can be ruined faster than Julian Assange can say freedom of speech. So, if you have been misquoted or misinterpreted by the press, then now is your time to act.

Allow your voice to be heard before someone else does the talking for you. Crisis PR can allow you to take hold of the situation and reduce the damage, putting an end to any ill-fated publicity.

  1. Becoming more involved with the community:

Working closely with local community groups or charities can be an exceptional way to win a ton of publicity. More often than not, businesses end up using ‘passive’ techniques such as donating a product as a competition prize. While this can earn local exposure, it most probably won’t earn you new business. A seasoned PR firm should be able to offer techniques that help you tap into the power of community services, and get maximum mileage from your publicity campaign.

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