With so many people to follow on Twitter how do you know whose tweets are worth reading? I’ve picked 5 of my favourite accounts that I thoroughly recommend following. They were chosen due to the humour, talent, adventure and wonder that they portray (although usually not all at once).

Lotus F1 Team (@Lotus_F1Team)

I am not a follower of Formula 1 motorsport. My ex-girlfriends Dad worked for Formula One Management and in 2 and a half years not once did I ask him for a free ticket or cheeky paddock pass, much to the dismay of some of my hard core F1 loving friends. However, despite all this I still follow the tweets of the Lotus Formula 1 team. Why? They play pranks on other teams, make off the cuff jokes about their drivers and generally portray the personality of a loving playful friend you never knew you had.
Top example tweets:


Brighton Railway Station (@brightonstation)

I pass through Brighton Station every day on my commute to work, and nothing captures the character of Brighton better than the excitable puppy that (I assume) is running this Twitter feed. It keeps travellers up to date on delays and announcements, but in a playful way that you can’t help but smile at, even when your train is delayed by 3 hours. Also worth noting is the stations mascot cat, also on twitter: @BrightonStnCat.

Top example tweets:


The QI Elves (@qikipedia)

OK, everyone probably knows this one, but the research team behind the Stephen Fry hosted quiz show post fascinating and strange facts that will make you look clever when you read them out in the pub later. Trust me I have done this.

Top example tweets:


National geographic Photography (@NatGeoPhotos)

A picture paints a thousand words, and so I will let the tweets do the talking. Amazing photography from across the world and as a hobbyist photographer and lover of adventure the work posted on here never ceases to amaze me.

Top example tweets:


Otter the urban explorer (@SilentUK)

You know how I mentioned a love of adventure and photography? Well ‘Otter’ takes this to the next level. As an urban explorer Otter likes to climb up, down, over and under places we ordinary folk aren’t meant to go. This highly illegal, life threatening hobby results in some fascinating pictures and video footage being taken. People dangle from cranes atop half built sky scrapers, run down underground tube tracks moments after a train has rattled past and sneak into abandoned buildings where the floor could fall out from under them at any moment. Not for the feint hearted, and do not try this at home.

Top example tweets:


Do you have any favourite Twitter accounts? Let us know on Twitter via @AneelaRosePR or contact me directly: @StewHicks