Business Advice for Small Business

[What I’ve heard from (ex) employees in the last ten years!]

By Aneela Rose

1. “That’s not my area or “that’s not my responsibility”

No job description is ever set in stone. You’re expected to be flexible and to make your boss’ life easier. In fact the more skills you gather, the more indispensable you are. Saying you’re not willing to go beyond your role shows that you are not willing to pitch in for the success of the company.


2. “I don’t have the time”

Nobody ever has the time, particularly your boss! Work out your priorities and if something has to drop down your list then so be it.


3. “What’s in it for me?”

Sometimes your work involves helping others. Bosses want to see you as a team player.


 4. “I can’t”

A ‘can-do’ attitude is always a valued quality and gets you noticed for the right reasons. “I can’t” shows both a lack of confidence and unwillingness to take chances – neither of which will endear you to your boss.


5. “That’s impossible”

Bosses never want to hear negativity.  If you’re worried or have concerns, explain what they are and ask for input or clarification.