Charity is top of our minds at the moment, what with Children in Need recently (check out the pics here of our lovely Pudsey cake!) but also as we proudly announce our partnership and new client, Find Your Feet, a terrific charity that enables poor rural families in Asia and Africa to grow enough food so they don’t go hungry.

We’ll be posting more information about Find Your Feet soon, but as with our other charity clients, which include Vision Aid Overseas and Brighton Dome & Festival, social or modern PR (as The Roses like to call it) is now a necessary part of all our communications campaigns.

It’s easy to understand why.  For charities mindful of budgets, social media is a brilliant, largely free marketing method open to any organization looking to build its profile or spread a specific message.

It’s also become an invaluable campaigning tool for charities, helping to engage with current supporters through creating conversations online as well as reaching out to new ones.

5 reasons why charities need social media:

1. To reach out to supporters

2. Drive traffic to your website

3. Attract new fundraisers

4. Raise more money

5. Recruit new volunteers

And a strong social media presence is becoming essential for charity leaders.  Recent research by MBA Online revealed that eight out of 10 people are more likely to trust and buy from an organisation whose CEO and leadership team use social media – either through blogging, setting out their personal vision and values or using Twitter to talk directly to supporters.

So, whether it’s boosting donations, sharing success stories, promoting a call to action, networking with like-minded organizations, encouraging people to sign up to campaigns, building numbers of supporters, recruiting volunteers or simply showcasing the value of their work, social media has a huge part to play in the third sector.  Don’t miss out!

Want to know more?  Give me or one of the Roses a call on 01444 241341 to discuss what social media can do for your business.

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